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Pakistan Floods 2022 walking through flood water

Challenges grow in flood-ravaged Pakistan

By Emma Halgren

Four months since flooding began in Pakistan, nearly 1700 people have died as a result of the floods, and millions have been displaced. The destruction of cotton crops, a surge in waterborne disease and a looming economic crisis are adding to the challenges the people of Pakistan are facing.

Tearfund’s local partner has been responding with lifesaving aid. Thank you for faithfully supporting our partners as they work to support people who have lost so much.

In Sindh province, Tearfund’s partner Diocese of Hyderabad is at work distributing food packages. This province has been hit particularly badly by the floods: it could take months for the flood water to recede, and many people are still living in temporary shelters.

Pakistan Floods 2022 warehouse 2
Pakistan Floods 2022 food bags
Pakistan Floods 2022 trucks ready to transport food
Pakistan Floods 2022 food bags 2

High food prices and food scarcity

Pakistan’s economy was already struggling before the flooding began in June. Now, food prices are skyrocketing, groceries are hard to access, and inflation is high. Nearly 15 per cent of the country’s rice crop and 40 per cent of its cotton crop have been lost as a result of the floods.

Pakistan Floods 2022 Neelo

Agricultural livelihoods

Steph Cantrill, Tearfund’s International Program & Effectiveness Officer, has been in regular contact with staff from Tearfund’s Pakistan partners. She says that along with the devastating human loss, the impact of the flooding will be felt well into the future for people who rely on agriculture for their livelihood.

“Many people were hoping for a good cotton season this year, especially with cotton going up in value, but the floods have destroyed their crops,” she said. “This leaves a lot of people in debt as they often take loans at the start of the season for farming equipment and seeds. And, since the waters in many areas haven’t yet receded, they may not be able to plant any new crops for the coming season.”

Pakistan Floods 2022 Ajeet
The floods have destroyed many cotton crops which villagers like Ajeet (pictured) were relying on for income.
Pakistan Floods 2022 Maghram
Maghram (pictured) stands in the midst of buildings destroyed by the floods.

Infrastructure loss

The impact on homes and infrastructure is also enormous, she said. “Many buildings have been weakened by the flood waters. But even among the buildings still standing, a lot are still underwater, so people are unable to live in them. They continue to live in temporary shelters on the roadsides, and those that are able to repair their homes will do so when the water dries up.”

Pakistan Floods 2022 shelter next to river
Pakistan Floods 2022 roadside shelters
Pakistan Floods 2022 people under shelter
Pakistan Floods 2022 damaged house
Pakistan Floods 2022 people and animals on road

In addition, waterborne diseases like dengue fever, malaria and diarrhoeal diseases are increasing, and accessing medical care is very difficult. UNICEF reports that more than three million children are at risk of disease and malnutrition.

The Diocese of Hyderabad has responded with emergency assistance for people affected by the floods. It is distributing food essentials like flour, cooking oil, pulses and rice, as well as mosquito nets and drinking water.

Thank you for your steadfast support of our partners as they work to deliver aid and restore some hope to people affected by this flooding crisis.

Donate to the Pakistan floods appeal

Pray for Pakistan

  • Nearly 1700 people have died as a result of the floods in Pakistan. Please pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones, and for recovery for those who are injured. Pray for comfort and strength for people who are distressed, traumatised and grieving.
  • Give thanks for Tearfund’s partner the Diocese of Hyderabad as it begins distribution of food packages, and delivers other lifesaving aid.
  • As waterborne diseases increase, pray for protection, and for adequate medical supplies and health services to treat people affected by disease.
  • The destruction of crops, and the loss of the opportunity for new planting, is devastating for farmers across the country. Pray for those who have lost crops and whose livelihoods have been thrown into uncertainty, as well as for those whose homes have been destroyed.
  • Pray for generosity from the international community in response to these devastating floods.

All images by Diocese of Hyderabad. Used with permission.

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Emma Halgren is the Content Lead at Tearfund Australia.