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Pakistan flood emergency appeal 2022 v2

Pakistan Floods Emergency Appeal

In 2022, Pakistan was ravaged by floods which killed hundreds of people and displaced millions, destroyed homes, schools and infrastructure, and impacted livelihoods. Tearfund’s local partner was able to offer immediate and ongoing relief to people affected by the floods, and your generous donations helped to make this support possible. Now the rebuilding effort is under way (read more).

ⓘ This appeal has closed but you can donate to Tearfund's Humanitarian Response Fund to enable our partners to respond in the immediate aftermath of emergencies and to help with long-term restoration


Historical information (2022):

Recent flooding in Pakistan has caused millions of people to be homeless, hundreds have lost their lives, and the government has declared a national emergency.

More than 33 million people have been displaced as destructive monsoon rains continue to wreak havoc. Many parts of Pakistan have become inaccessible, with Balochistan and Sindh provinces the worst-affected areas.

Pakistan flood emergency appeal 2022 p3
Image: Diocese of Hyderabad. Used with permission.
Pakistan flood emergency appeal 2022 p4
Image: Diocese of Hyderabad. Used with permission.

On the ground

Tearfund’s partner, the Anglican Diocese of Hyderabad, has two projects in Sindh province. They report that homes, crops and personal possessions have all been washed away. Latrines and fuel-efficient stoves, which the communities built as part of the project activities, were also destroyed.

There are also thousands of people displaced by the loss of housing, and at risk of water-borne diseases and food insecurity.

Emergency response

Tearfund’s partners are actively responding by providing:

  • Provision of food items and mosquito nets for displaced families.
  • Information and support for families to access emergency shelter provisions
  • Advice on how people can protect themselves from further flooding

Last 15 days it was rain non-stop, our houses are filled with water... we have lost a lot. Kindly help us... now I will search [for] some wood to cook some food for my children. God have mercy on us.

Pakistan flood emergency appeal 2022 p2
Image: Diocese of Hyderabad. Used with permission.
Pakistan flood emergency appeal 2022 p1
Image: Diocese of Hyderabad. Used with permission.
Pakistan Floods 2022 flooded area 2

Challenges grow in flood-ravaged Pakistan

Four months since flooding began in Pakistan, nearly 1700 people have died as a result of the floods, and millions have been displaced. The destruction of cotton crops, a surge in waterborne disease and a looming economic crisis are adding to the challenges the people of Pakistan are facing. Tearfund’s local partner has been responding with lifesaving aid.

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Pakistan flood emergency appeal 2022 p3
Image: Diocese of Hyderabad. Used with permission.

Dreams and hopes fade as floods ravage Pakistan

For Lali, the floods that are ravaging her country have brought suffering and fear, as well as the despair of seeing long-held dreams fade.

"Our dreams also washed out with this flooding water. The impact of the flood will be remembered for generations."

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Donate Responsibly

During times of humanitarian crises people, especially Australians, feel compelled to give generously. When disasters strike, people often ask Tearfund whether we can accept goods for those who have suffered, and send them to our local partner organisations. While we are always grateful for offers of support and we recognise that people respond from their hearts and out of compassion, sending goods is rarely the best way to support those in need overseas. The website explains more.