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NAIDOC Week 2020 – Praying with the First Peoples of Australia: Day 1

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NAIDOC Week 2020 – Praying with the First Peoples of Australia: Day 1.

Prayer with Roxanne, of the Moorditj Keila community, based in Manning, south of Perth.

Roxanne, of the Moorditj Keila community, based in Manning, south of Perth.

I’m Roxanne. I am a Noongar woman.

I love that we can all meet up together at Moorditj Keila’s women’s group. I love that in this women’s group we can meet up together, share yarns and a meal together. We can even share together things that have happened in our lives. I have been through domestic violence and I have spoken with a lady that is part of this group and has been through the same situation and she has helped me a lot.

Moorditj Keila is helping our community by bringing people together so that they can share stories together. Us Aboriginal women need to stick together for each other because at the moment my people are so caught up in everyday lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. It’s like they are losing their respect for culture and things like that.

I would like to see our children not going to welfare and their mother and fathers not on drugs. We need to focus on becoming stronger and getting out and noticing the positive things in the community. This group has helped me. I sometimes suffer from anxiety and when I come here I feel good because I am not lonely and sitting at home.


  • Thank God for the support Moorditj Keila is able to offer to Roxanne and the participants of other programs
  • Pray for the community that they will be able to support each other and together make healthy and safe choices.

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About our partner – Moorditj Keila

Moorditj Keila is an Aboriginal Community Organisation based in the City Of South Perth. They are a Non for profit organisation helping to improve their community. Tearfund supports a driver education program run by Moorditj Keila and supported them during the peak of COVID-19.