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Naghma Afgh Tearfund AU b

Neglected Crisis: Afghanistan

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Recent flash flooding in Afghanistan has killed hundreds of people, wiped out thousands of homes and devastated communities still reeling from earthquakes and floods earlier in the year.

Hope for Afghanistan Appeal: Help for a forgotten crises

Afghanistan is facing one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. The nation has endured decades of conflict, political upheaval, severe economic decline and recurrent extreme climate shocks. Tearfund's local partner has mobilised to support affected families with emergency supplies including food, water, hygiene kits and shelter, as well as cash to meet other urgent needs.

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Naghma Afgh Tearfund AU b

11-year-old Naghma* sits with her young sister where her family home used to stand.

She lost her mother and two brothers when flash flooding tore through their home in the province of Baglan, where 80% of the casualties occurred.

Naghma, along with her sister and father, are one of 500 families that will receive vital care and emergency supplies through Tearfund’s local partner.

The future for girls like Naghma is uncertain: girls are not allowed to attend school after primary school, and women are excluded from the workforce apart from in healthcare.

For families like Naghma’s, and communities across Afghanistan, this latest disaster only deepens what is already an enormous burden, having endured decades of war culminating in a dramatic change of government in 2021.

This political upheaval, coupled with international sanctions on the current government, has resulted in huge economic shocks and a deepening humanitarian crisis.

Neglected Crisis: Afghanistan

This crisis has been further exacerbated by several years of drought, major earthquakes in 2023 and, most recently, flooding. It is estimated that:


require humanitarian assistance in 2024


experience a high level of food insecurity

Tearfund has supported local partners in Afghanistan for over 40 years, since the year 1983. These partners have remained faithfully, courageously present through intensely difficult and dangerous challenges.

They have found ways to serve vulnerable communities, offering hope, care and practical support despite limitations and setbacks. Incredible progress was made prior to the change of government in 2021, including one partner helping to establish a network of women’s groups supporting 20,000 women.

While this work cannot continue in the same way, the relationships that were built have created a foundation for lasting impact.

Please pray:

  • Pray that support would reach the most vulnerable in communities affected by the recent floods, as well as those still grieving and recovering from earlier disasters.

  • For open doors for Tearfund’s partners to continue their work; and that they’ll get the funding resources that they need

  • That staff would continue to persevere despite the hardship and uncertainty they face for their own families

  • For hope: that people who are despondent about the future of their country and for their families would have hope.

Hope for Afghanistan

Afghanistan is facing one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.

Your support can pave a pathway of hope for Afghan families. Respond today:

Economic Empowerment – Supports vulnerable community members with skills training and resources (e.g. tools, cattle) to start generating an income.

Health and Mental Health Support – Supports families and children living with the psychological impacts of conflict; and provides basic healthcare including pre and post-natal care.

Hunger and Food Security – Supports the distribution of food parcels in areas of high need, and the development of longer term initiatives that will help people grow food and earn an income.

* Name changed