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Susanna Carter

Podcast series stirs up creativity

The Weeping God by Susanna Carter

You are the weeping God, the wounded one
Your humanness is present, still your glory fills the heavens
You don’t look away from all you’ve made
You’re nearest to the hurting, your breath restores the mourning
Come sit with us at the table
Come eat with us in our homes, Jesus…

If you listened to An Upside-Down World, the podcast released as part of Tearfund’s Lent series earlier this year, you would’ve caught these lyrics in the beautiful song that closed the final episode. Written by Sydney songwriter Susanna Carter, The Weeping God came as a response to the podcast itself.

Susanna Carter
Sydney songwriter Susanna Carter

“After I heard the first few episodes, the stunning poems Joel and Grace wrote and performed, and the stories of people Tearfund is connected to, something stirred in me to write a song in response,” Susanna shared. "It became so apparent to me that God is near to us in our mourning, our pain, our questions, while also being joyfully present in our laughter and delight. This song I hope expresses that mystery and comfort of how God draws close to us."

“I'm excited by the crossovers of creativity, people's stories of faith and their response to injustice that all came together so beautifully in this podcast!”

Relisten to episodes from An Upside-Down World on your favourite podcast channel, and check out Susanna’s music at

Melody Murton is Content Lead for Tearfund.