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The Way of Love in an Upside-Down World

In a chaotic and uncertain world, firm paths can be hard to find. But there is a way to walk steadily: a back-to-front framework for an upside-down world. It’s a Kingdom that cannot be shaken, anchored in love, bringing Jesus’ peace and hope into brokenness.

Join us for a seven-part devotional series on the Beatitudes for Lent as we walk the way of love in an upside-down world.

As the new year dawns, our weary world grapples with an uncertain future. As we look ahead, we’re offered a vital opportunity: to turn afresh to Jesus, to the Good News, to our call to bring God’s love to a world in chaos. Love expressed as hope, despite uncertainty. Love expressed as peace, despite turmoil. Love that flows from Jesus, whose resurrection still gives life today.

There is a way to walk steadily through this upside-down world. Jesus shows us how. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus shares the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12), outlining the ‘conditions’ under which people experience ‘blessing’. He doesn’t suggest security, status or self-preservation – Jesus confers mercy, mourning and meekness. This back-to-front framework is the way to life in an upside-down world. His sermon on the mountainside articulates God’s Kingdom on earth, and the invitation to live as its citizens.

All over the world today, people are embracing Jesus’ backwards blessings and letting them shape their lives. It’s Good News for their neighbours, the nations, creation. Will you walk with us?

What’s included:

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The Way of Love in an Upside-Down World is a seven-part series exploring the Beatitudes through reflection, prayer and story.

  • Weekly contributors include Tim Costello, Tara Conradt, Pastor Ray Minniecon and more.
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New in 2022: An original podcast featuring local and global voices, hosted by Joel McKerrow and Grace Naoum. Go deeper into Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount with stories, interviews, prayer and poetry.

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Lent 2022 Devotional Series: