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We are tearfund 4 L1 A6572

Part of the worldwide Tearfund family

The Tearfund Family of agencies hold a common set of values and ways of working as they seek to reduce poverty and injustice in the world.

Within this there are four shared identity markers which are foundational for the identity and reputation of “the Tearfund Family”:

  1. A shared Christian identity grounded in the evangelical movement that places importance on biblical justice, the restorative role of the church in society and an active faith in Jesus Christ. Tearfund agencies manifest this through their non-discriminatory approach to relief and development.
  2. Partnership, working with each other and through local Christian partners, both in fundraising and advocacy and in relief and development contexts.
  3. Pursuing excellence and accountability in all their undertakings.
  4. Valuing each member’s diverse strengths while committing to acting with consideration for the interest of the combined Tearfund Family.

Today, the worldwide Tearfund family brings together agencies in the UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia.

For Tearfund Netherlands there is a huge benefit in being part of a family: The family is globally located. Hence, we create a global perspective in our global work. Thinking big, means thinking global, means creating more benefit of each other’s experiences and daring to get the best out of different countries in a collaborative way.

Minella van Bergeijk Tearfund Netherlands

"The Tearfund family provides us with global identity and reach that we could never achieve alone. It’s a collegial network of agencies which is low on bureaucracy and high on purpose, trust and collaboration. This is important for efficiency, innovation and impact in development work. With our common beliefs, values and partnerships in the field, we are simply far more effective together. God’s church is global in its mission and mandate; so should Tearfund be as we seek to outwork our partnership with the church in alleviating poverty, amplifying the voice of the marginalised and responding to injustice. That work is more important now than it’s ever been before."

Ian McInnes – Tearfund New Zealand

It’s a privilege to be a part of the Tearfund family where partnership goes much deeper than transactional exchange or operational efficiency. As a worldwide family of organisations we’re able to leverage our shared values and relationships to have a more substantial impact in the global efforts toward development and justice.

Sean Copeland Tearfund Ireland