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The Climate Report - Tearfund's landmark research on climate, young Christians and the Church.

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Love in Action

  • 2022 Lent Appeal

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For over 50 years, our international partners have been committed to ensuring that no community – whether in hard places, impacted by climate change, subject to conflict, or facing systemic injustice or neglect – is held back from encountering God’s love in action.

For a future bright with hope

Fueled by this love, Tearfund’s partner EFICOR has set up self-help groups for women in remote Chitrakoot, north-east India.

Through access to savings and loans, the groups are transforming lives, providing new opportunities in a community of belonging and empowerment. Before connecting together in their self-help group, Samariya, Aruna, Sumitra and Nirja (pictured) said that “our world was limited to the house only.”

Now, their horizons are broadened and their future is bright with hope.

Give to Tearfund’s Lent Appeal today

It gave us confidence to speak, to know, to ask... we started looking towards the future for our family... Now, we think we are not alone. We stand by each other in need, in joy.

Alongside our partners, we have the opportunity to be people committed to love in action. People who seek to live out the hope of the resurrection as a daily reality. We have the opportunity to demonstrate God’s love in action, bringing peace and hope to the world.

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can help support life-giving work in some of the world’s most complex environments and hard places.

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can help support vulnerable communities to adapt and build resilience to a changing climate.

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can help support a range of community-led initiatives in communities facing poverty and marginalisation.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.”

-Matthew 5:6-7

As Jesus teaches in the Beatitudes, the answers to the brokenness our world faces – material and spiritual poverty, grief, conflict – are found in unexpected ways.

Jesus invites us to walk the way of love, a back-to-front framework for an upside-down world, aligning with a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Will you continue to express love in action in our world by giving to Tearfund’s Lent Appeal?

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