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Cyclone Freddy - Pray for Mozambique

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Cyclone Freddy made landfall in Mozambique on the 24th February. Please pray for all of our partners in Mozambique, where many project communities have been impacted.

Updates from our partners in Mozambique


Cyclone Freddy first made landfall in Mozambique on the 24th February in the area where Tearfund’s partner RCHS is working with local communities on a community development and livelihoods project. The project communities have been severely impacted, as major flooding has come just before harvest time, destroying crops.

Fortunately, part of their regular work is to help communities prepare for disasters; disaster committees were activated and no one has been seriously hurt among communities where RCHS works. Tearfund Australia is planning to support RCHS to do a small relief project that will help people with food, hygiene and safety in the aftermath of the storm.

Oasis Mozambique

Our partner Oasis Mozambique, with a project in Beira, reported being relieved that the storm did not pass directly over them; after Cyclone Idai in 2019, people are quite worried about the high winds and damage that can be done by a cyclone. However, as Cyclone Freddy passed to the south of them in late February, and then to the north over the weekend, Beira has experienced very heavy rain and many communities where Oasis works are experiencing flooding.

Gaza Works

Our partner Gaza Works, based in Chokwe, reported that the storm missed them, but an anticipatory release of water from a local dam resulted in a group of farmers from their project losing most of their crops for the season.

Pray for Mozambique

  • Please pray for all of our partners in Mozambique, as so much of the country is impacted. Flooding at this time, close to the annual Maize harvest, has implications for food security for families for the rest of the year.
  • Pray for wisdom for partners as they seek ways to respond. Pray for partner staff; they are also victims of the same disasters they are asked to help respond to.
  • Please pray for RCHS as they implement a small relief project with the communities they work amongst.