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How to have conversations about climate change - A TEAR Webinar

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Join us for A TEAR Webinar about how to have conversations about Climate Change.

Climate justice is an issue TEAR has been talking about for a long time. Even though it’s sometimes been a difficult conversation to have, we keep talking about it because we know it’s an issue that affects our brothers and sisters living in the world’s poorest places. Our local Christian partners, working with these communities, tell us story after story of people struggling with poverty who are also severely affected by a changing climate. This is the great injustice of climate change: those who have contributed least to the problem will feel its effects most severely. It is the biggest threat to global development we face.

This webinar is focussed on equipping Christians with the skills they need to help shift the conversation on climate justice, in ways that are helpful and effective.

Details -

  • Wednesday 23rd of October
  • 7.30pm Via ZOOM
  • Cost - Free