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Mozambique: Tropical Storm Filipo wipes out what had remained after drought

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Please note: This information is more than 30 days old. View current news and events.

On March 12, communities facing food insecurity in Mozambique were hit by another crisis, as Tropical Storm Filipo wiped out what little crops were left after a season of drought.

In the area where Tearfund's local partner Rede Crista is supporting community development activities, families depend on agriculture for survival. Due to the intersection of these two crises, the region is in food shock, with supplies scarce, production halted, and no seeds to take advantage of the upcoming seasons.

Tropical storm Filipo - prior drought damage
In an area that usually produces over 5000 hectares of corn, more than 2750 hectares of crops were lost to drought. Photo: Rede Crista
Mozambique map
On March 12, communities in Mozambique were hit by Tropical Storm Filipo.

Despite roads being blocked by storm damage, Rede Crista has been able to communicate with community members to assess their immediate and longer term needs. "The storm 'cleaned' the little corn that had escaped the drought, with no chance of recovery" Rede Crista reports. "Families need corn seed for the next season to take advantage of the moisture left behind by the storm." Rede Crista is supporting 100 impacted families with the provision of seeds, both corn for the next season, and faster-growing vegetable seeds to provide food to eat and sell.

Tropical storm Filipo - destroyed corn field
Tropical Storm Filipo destroyed another 2381 hectares of corn, throwing families deeper into food insecurity. Photo: Rede Crista
Tropical storm Filipo - destroyed plantation
Photo: Rede Crista

Tropical Storm Filipo has left hundreds of thousands of people in urgent need of assistance, just one year after Cyclone Freddy caused loss and devastation in the same areas of Mozambique. Mozambique is considered to be among the nations in Africa most vulnerable to climate change, with extreme weather events increasing in frequency and severity. Alongside ongoing community development projects, Tearfund's local Christian partners are active in helping communities to recover and adapt after disasters, build resilience to climate shocks, and create strong networks of community support – work that is having a transformative impact in such a challenging context.

Please pray with us:

  • For communities impacted by these recent events, that their needs would be met quickly and their hope and livelihoods restored
  • Ask God to strengthen our partners as they respond, to remove obstacles so they can reach those in greatest need
  • Pray for wisdom and courage for Mozambique's leaders in helping the country address its vulnerabilities to climate change
  • Pray for strong and effective actions to combat climate change – from each of us, through to corporations and global leaders – to shape a safer world for all.

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