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Ethiopia Tigray Appeal 2020 n1 Joost Bastmeijer

Northern Ethiopia Emergency Appeal

  • Emergency Appeal

As the crisis in Tigray persists, the situation for millions of people inside Tigray is becoming increasingly dire. Will you give to Tearfund’s Ethiopia Appeal?

ⓘ This appeal has closed but you can donate to Tearfund's Humanitarian Response Fund to enable our partners to respond in the immediate aftermath of emergencies and to help with long-term restoration


Historical information (2020-2022):

Tigray region ethiopia

Tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia and have fled across state and international borders in search of refuge.


In November 2020, the people of the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia found themselves caught up in a fierce conflict between federal and regional government forces. A state of emergency was declared by the government and, although it has recently been lifted, the situation in northern Ethiopia continues to be volatile and unpredictable, with ethnic violence prevalent. Famine and rape have both been used as weapons of war, and the conflict has displaced around 2.2 million people.

Tigray mother and child

Tearfund's response:

Updated February 2022

Tearfund's generous supporters have helped to provide:

  • 1455 emergency cash grants to vulnerable families
  • 2250 house-holds with food support
  • 1000 women with personal hygiene materials

Tearfund’s partners, the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission (EKHCDC) and Tearfund Ethiopia, have led emergency responses to provide food and other support to thousands of internally displaced people.

In the conflict-affected Afar region to Tigray’s east, thousands of households have been provided with food, and women supported with hygiene materials.

In the Amhara region south of Tigray, where public infrastructure, livelihoods and basic services have been severely disrupted or destroyed, and where many women and girls have experienced horrific sexual violence, EKHCDC has been providing food aid and cash (where markets still function to enable people to buy food, clothing and other essentials), as well as water and hygiene services.

They are also considering programs to support people to be able to return to their homes and livelihoods, and to process the trauma they have experienced.

As the crisis in Tigray persists, the situation for millions of people inside Tigray is becoming increasingly dire. Tearfund is continuing to work with local partners to assess the needs of the communities impacted by the protracted conflict.

Will you give to Tearfund’s Ethiopia Appeal?

Prayer for Ethiopia:

  • Pray for the local churches in the area, that God would give them strength as they minister to the people in the region and demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ
  • Pray for all those whose lives have been upended by the conflict in Tigray. As they seek safety across borders or in other regions of Ethiopia, may they have access to food, clean water and other essentials
  • Pray for all the leaders seeking to resolve this conflict, that their dialogue would lead to a peaceful outcome, especially for the communities impacted
  • Pray for Tearfund’s local partners, Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission and Tearfund Ethiopia, as they continue to provide practical support and encouragement to displaced people within and without Tigray
  • Pray for people who have suffered violence, including sexual violence.
Ethiopia Tigray Appeal 2020 n1 Joost Bastmeijer
Image by Joost Bastmeijer

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During times of humanitarian crises people, especially Australians, feel compelled to give generously. When disasters strike, people often ask Tearfund whether we can accept goods for those who have suffered, and send them to our local partner organisations. While we are always grateful for offers of support and we recognise that people respond from their hearts and out of compassion, sending goods is rarely the best way to support those in need overseas. The website explains more.

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Tearfund Australia responds to partner requests for emergency assistance either directly or through joint efforts with other members of the Integral Alliance, a global alliance of Christian relief and development agencies responding to emergency situations around the world.

Your donation to Tearfund’s ‘Northern Ethiopia Emergency Appeal’ will be used for humanitarian response activities with communities displaced by the conflict in Ethiopia. This appeal closes on 30 June 2022. Excess donations received, or received after this date, will be redirected to other humanitarian response activities. Tearfund complies with Australian Privacy Principles. We will keep you informed about our work and appeals but you can unsubscribe at any time by calling 1800 244 986. ABN 85 085 413 832. View our privacy policy.

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