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Now is the time to reset – and it begins with our faith: Reset Faith for a better 'normal'.

Reset Faith

Reset for a better normal

Start your Reset Faith journey


Reset Faith

Start your Reset Faith journey

We long to go back to normal. At the same time realising that what we once called normal wasn’t good enough. Now is the time to reset and it begins with our faith.

About Reset Faith: Perspectives + Practices

In this last year, we’ve been reminded how fragile life is, how deeply connected we are and how much we depend on each other. We’ve seen the brokenness in our world that in ‘normal times’ often remains hidden.

We long for new beginnings: for our weary souls to be refreshed with the hope of better things to come; for our faith to carry us deeper into God’s heart and to be changed. Now is the time to reset and it begins with our faith.

Sign up now to start your Reset Faith journey.

What’s included:

Reset Faith Perspectives 1

Reset Faith: Perspectives

E-Book – Available late January

Seven Christian leaders share their perspectives on these unprecedented times and how we reset for a better normal.

Conversations about a new normal are all around us. But how should followers of Jesus respond in this moment to the challenges we face and the possibilities that await? Join leading Christian voices in exploring seven ideas that are essential to our faith and how they could change the shape of what comes next. Sign up now to be sent this unique and inspiring resource when it is published in late January.

Reset Faith Practicies 7 Rest

Reset Faith: Practices

7-Part Email series – Begins 17 February

A seven-week series of prayer, art and spiritual practices to help you reset for a better normal.

Our faith is more than what we believe, it is what we live. Sign up now to receive this seven-week curated series of prayer, art and spiritual practices designed to help you make space to listen deeply and respond to God’s invitation to live a better normal in the midst of our ordinary, everyday lives. Each of the seven weeks will focus on a different theme:

Reset Faith Practices 1 Origin
Reset Faith Practices 2 Empty
Reset Faith Practices 3 Undone
Reset Faith Practices 4 Reset
Reset Faith Practices 5 Connect
Reset Faith Practices 6 Steward
Reset Faith Practices 7 Rest
Reset Community 1

Reset Faith: Community

Resource – Available late January

Ideas for sharing the Reset Faith journey with others.

Transformation happens in community. Share the Reset Faith journey with friends, your small group, your tribe. Share a meal, speak honestly, pray together. Be changed together.

Start your Reset Faith journey

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