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The sound of jubilee: 1971-2021. Tearfund 50th anniversary celebration.

Effectiveness Report

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TEAR Effectiveness Report 2019

Publications & Reports

The 2019 TEAR Australia Effectiveness Report explores different ways that TEAR Australia has helped its partners strengthen and build civil society to bring about positive change in communities.

The report details the number of people who have been involved in work that TEAR Australia has supported in the past year, and does this by categorising the work by the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that the project is working towards. The report also includes:

  • How TEAR Australia has supported civil society in its project work, its support of local partner organisations, specifically through the People and Partners Organisational Strengthening Initiative (PPOSI), and how local partners have been supported in humanitarian response.
  • A Social Return on Investment study done on one of the projects that TEAR supports, explained and results analysed and assessed.
  • A brief summary of the ways that TEAR Australia has been engaged in humanitarian response over the past year, and how this has linked with civil society.