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He Restores My Soul – Group Study Guide

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Resource Lent 19 Study Guide


Psalm 23 is so familiar that for many who have grown up in Christianity it exists almost as wallpaper, ever present but not often studied. Yet whether sung, read, recited, or heard at important occasions, Psalm 23 speaks to the depth of the human experience and our longing for, and hope in, a God who is with us: Emmanuel.

Psalm 23 powerfully leads us into the Easter story, reminding us that Jesus is the good shepherd who laid down his life for us on that first Easter Friday.

In preparation for Easter we invited a diverse range of Christian artists, theologians, musicians and activists to provide their own reflections on Psalm 23.

In addition, some of those who provided reflections have also written longer pieces, reflecting on how this psalm has spoken to them. This is where this Group Guide has arisen, in bringing together four of those voices as they reflect on Psalm 23 and coupling this together with background on the psalm as well as questions and discussion starters for small groups and families to engage with as we journey together towards remembering the death and resurrection of Christ.

As you go through this resource, we pray and hope that your ‘soul’ is renewed anew by the Good Shepherd who is always with us.


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