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How to Have Helpful Conversations about Climate Change (Video)

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Churches, Multimedia

An exploration of how to have helpful conversations about Climate Change, with values-based communication approaches and practical tools for helpful conversations on climate and creation care.

This material was produced as part of a webinar on 'How to Have Helpful Conversations about Climate Change'.

Watch – How to Have Helpful Conversations about Climate Change:

Over the past few decades we have come closer than ever to ending extreme poverty but right now our world faces a pivotal moment. Without urgent action, the twin crises of COVID-19 and climate change threaten to send us backwards, undoing so much of the progress that has been made.

At this pivotal time in history major decisions are being made that will impact the global economy and public health for decades to come, and determine how liveable God’s earth is for us and future generations.

Some of the steps needed to address these complex global are big and many of us feel powerless to make a difference.

However, most of the big changes needed, will only happen if there’s a groundswell of supportive people.

That’s why our everyday conversations with ordinary people are so important.

Through loving and mutual conversations about climate and creation, we can strengthen our relationships with others, while also building momentum among Christians to protect and restore God’s creation, and begin to address injustice against the poor and marginalised.