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Impact Report - Basic Health

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Tear Impact Report Sector Analysis For Basic Health

Publications & Reports

This impact report analyses the work that TEAR’s international partners in Africa, South Asia and South East Asia have done within the Basic Health sector using TEAR funding during 2014-2015. It represents a broad range of activities and project approaches.

429,086 individuals were directly involved or benefitted in health projects. A further 82,936 people participated in activities involving people with disability.


The analysis includes all projects that were listed as having a proportionately signi cant element of health work. Projects in this analysis were chosen if they had at least 35% of health work allocated to their sectoral breakdown. The projects could be focused on health care or public health, or on disability. Other projects that do not feature so strongly in health also have an impact in this area. These projects are not included in this analysis but it is important to recognise that TEAR’s overall contribution to health development is broader and larger than that included in this report.

The analysis is based on the most recent Annual or mid-year Reports, evaluations and other documentation. Data are for nancial year 2014-2015 or as close as possible given the information.

In total there were 27 projects that came under the health project criteria. In total, funding across TEAR’s International Program to the health sector was $2,612,050 in 2014-2015.

The figures used throughout usually signify individuals who have been impacted through the activities. In some cases it may include groups, or in the case of educational materials, it includes the number of people who have received publications, brochures or training materials, or heard health education messages.

In total, the analysis shows that there have been 429,086 individuals directly involved or who have benefitted in health projects. A further 82,936 people participated in activities involving people with disability. The total number of people directly participating in health and disability projects is 512,022.