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Making a World of Difference (Book)

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Tearfund Resource Making a World of Difference


By the Revd Dr Dave Bookless and Renew Our World 2023

Our world is not as it was created to be; from environmental decay, suffering, and political extremism, to conflict, poverty, and social and economic instability. But God is calling us, the church, to respond to this.

This new book tells you why, shows you how, and gives you hope that you can make a world of difference. Informed, shaped and revised by Christians from different denominations and continents across the world, it includes solid, biblical teaching on key topics – such as the climate and nature emergencies – and offers a theology of justice. It is complete with carefully crafted discussion questions for one person or a small group to use.

Renew Our World is a global movement of Christians – including Tearfund – taking action and praying for a fairer world. The Revd Dr Dave Bookless is Director of Theology for A Rocha International, Catalyst for Creation Care for the Lausanne Movement, and a board member of Renew Our World.

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“Grounded in a robust biblical framework and full of great resources, stories from churches and groups around the world and with clear ways forward for church leaders and groups to engage with, Making a World of Difference is an invaluable resource.”

– Greg Hewson, head of Tearfund’s Australian Programs Team

“I love this booklet and warmly commend it for three reasons: first, it is short and very easy to read and get your head around; second, it keeps making you stop and think by asking searching questions again and again (ideal for church and student groups); and third, it combines great biblical teaching (that I wholly agree with!) with lively and inspiring examples from all round the world, to help you not just think again, but choose to go and do likewise.”

– Chris Wright, Global Ambassador, Langham Partnership