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Renewed Way of Living: Discipleship Group Guide

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In association with: Renew Our World
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The Renewed Way of Living, Discipleship Group Guide is part of Tearfund's Renew Our World resources. It draws together personal reflections, engaging bible studies, great photography and design, and practical actions. Renewed Way of Living is a great resource for small groups, and directly engages some of the key discipleship challenges of our time:

  • discipleship in an age of fear and insecurity,
  • discipleship and money,
  • discipleship and vocation and finally
  • discipleship and the environment.

Download the Guide below.

Download the guide

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Renewed Way of Living is designed around four sessions

Each session contains a series of reflections and a bible study from various authors. The bible studies themselves should each take between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on how talkative your group is! Each session includes some biblical material, questions for discussion and other teaching. Please use them flexibly, according to the needs of your group.

Our four Renewed Way of Living sessions are:

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Discerning the times - Seeking Shalom

Session 1. Discerning the times - Seeking Shalom

What is the nature of the age we are in? How do we understand what is going on in the world at the moment? Is fear taking over? What does this mean for our discipleship today? Drawing on both Old and New Testament passages, Deborah Storie invites us to reflect on these questions as a starting point to imaging a renewed way of living for our times.

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Let's talk about money

Session 2. Let's talk about money

Some say ‘it grows on trees’, other ‘that it makes the world go round’. Jesus on the other hand said that ‘you can’t worship God and money’. This study on money and discipleship by Jonathan Cornford addresses “front on” one of those topics many of us seek to avoid: money. In these global times, how as followers of Christ do we handle debt, think about our spending and the way we save and share our money?

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When I grow up…

Session 3. When I grow up…

Work, vocation and making a difference - what does it look like to follow the call of Jesus within the context of our work and particularly as we are called to steward our resources towards a better tomorrow of justice and renewal? In this study John Beckett skilfully invites us to reflect upon our own calling and experiences of vocation and work, within the context of biblical teaching.

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Renewing Creation?

Session 4. Renewing Creation?

Most of us would say that we care about the environment. Many of us are already doing our bit to live sustainably. But what’s any of it got to do with following Jesus? In this study Greg Hewson asks the often assumed but critical question ‘why does God want us to care for creation in the first place?