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Less Plastic, More Life: A Seven Day Guide

In association with: Renew Our World
Tearfund Less Plastic More Life Guide

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Australians create hundreds of thousands of tonnes of plastic waste every year. Recycling helps a little, but not enough. Most plastic ends up in landfill. And if not properly disposed of, it ends up polluting our air, contaminating our food system, getting into waterways or making its way to the ocean where, based on current trends, it will outweigh the volume of fish by 2050.

God calls us to pursue abundant life, not an abundance of things. God satisfies our heart’s deepest longing not with convenience but with connection. Connection with God, with one another and with our place in the world. As we dig a little deeper into our problem with plastic, what we ultimately discover is God calling us to consume less and connect more.

Making changes to the way we do things isn’t always easy or straightforward but there are steps we can take that move us towards a life that is less plastic and more of the abundance God intends.

Tearfund has created this Guide to help you, in a prayerful and practical way, take those steps. It’s not a quick, easy fix but it’s a place to start. And wherever it is you start, we pray and trust God will meet you there.

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