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We thank God for 50 years of Tearfund Australia

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Throughout October 2021, Tearfund ran online supporter events across the country, connecting with supporters new and old and taking time to be reminded of God’s faithfulness.

It was real joy and encouragement to spend time sharing, praying together and hearing from Ray Minniecon, Deborah Storie, CB Samuel, Dominique Emery, Steve Bevis and Joel McKerrow.

Watch Now

If you missed out on getting along to one of the events or simply would like to rewatch some of the video contributions, you can watch the videos below.

Ray Minniecon

Pastor Ray Minniecon

Pastor Ray Minniecon is a descendant of the Kabi Kabi nation and the Gurang Gurang nation of south-east Queensland. He is also a descendant of the South Sea Islander people, with deep and abiding connections to the people of Ambrym Island. He leads the Scarred Tree ministry at St John’s, Glebe. Pastor Ray is journeying with Tearfund throughout this year to help them unpack the theology of Jubilee and its implications for Tearfund as an organisation. Here Ray shares about God’s faithfulness and gives thanks for Tearfund’s mission

Watch: The Sound of Jubliee – Ray Minniecon

Dominique emery n2

Dominique Emery

Dominique Emery worked for Tearfund for 20 years and has been a long term member and supporter. Dom worked for Tear across most of our departments with particular focus on our communication work, including editing the Tearfund Magazine for many years. Dom shares about her time with Tearfund and gives thanks for Tearfund's mission and ways of working.

Watch: The Sound of Jubilee – Dominique Emery

CB Samuel
CB Samuel

C.B. Samuel

C.B. Samuel is a longtime friend of Tearfund and current Associate Fieldworker in India, who, after many years as the head of Tearfund’s Indian partner EFICOR, now spends his time teaching and mentoring Christian leaders in India and around the world. In this short video, CB reflects on the unique nature of his relationship with Tearfund.

Watch: The Sound of Jubilee – C.B. Samuel

Dr Deborah Storie
Dr Deborah Storie

Dr Deborah Storie

Dr Deborah Storie is a former chair of the Tearfund board and a former member of its Program Review Committee (now International Program Allocations Committee) She served as a fieldworker in Afghanistan. Deborah reflects on Luke 4:16-21 and how this text has and continues to shape Tearfund Australia’s mission.

Watch: The Sound of Jubilee – Dr Deborah Storie

Steve Bevis
Rev Dr Steve Bevis

Dr Steve Bevis

Dr Steve Bevis currently serves on Tearfund’s board. Steve worked for Tearfund for many years in NSW and recently served in Alice Springs at John Flynn Memorial Church. Steve here shares a song as a blessing for Tearfund.

Watch: The Sound of Jubilee – Dr Steve Bevis

Joel mckerrow

Joel McKerrow

Joel McKerrow is a spoken word poet and Tearfund’s Artist Ambassador. Here he shares his message to Tearfund on the celebration of it's 50th anniversary.

Watch: The Sound of Jubilee – Joel McKerrow