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Deepen Your Faith

In association with: Renew Our World

God calls us to pursue abundant life, not an abundance of things.

Yet today, Australians are consuming an overabundance of plastic - hundreds of thousands of tonnes of it every year.

While plastic is not all bad, the rate at which we consume and discard it simply cannot be sustained. We’re facing an enormous plastic pollution problem that is inflicting harm on people and our planet in unprecedented ways.

As Christians, we are stewards of all God has blessed us with and we have a responsibility to respond to this challenge we collectively face.

We also have a reason to hope.

As we dig a little deeper into our problem with plastic, what we ultimately discover is God calling us to consume less and connect more.

Less Plastic, More Life: A Seven Day Guide

A guide for moving toward less plastic, more life, in a prayerful & practical way. It’s not a quick easy fix to our plastic problems, but it’s a place to start.

Download the guide
Rubbish campaign kit

Download the Rubbish Campaign Kit

The Rubbish Campaign Kit is your ‘One Stop Shop’ for promoting and calling on others to stop this problem that is literally impacting the lives of millions of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Get the kit
Emma Sproul Exploring Connections And Discovering Joy 1

Exploring connections and discovering joy

TEAR Supporter Emma Sproul describes putting stewardship and relationship into practice through connection with God, ourselves, the environment and with others.

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