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Deepen Your Faith

In association with: Renew Our World and Tearfund UK

When we care for and act to protect God’s creation, it is one way of loving and worshipping God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, as Jesus taught us (Mark 12:30).

Josias, one of the campaigners leading the Rubbish Campaign in Brazil, put it well when he told us: “It makes no sense to worship God and not love your neighbour, and nature is your neighbour.

People are impacted by environmental issues including plastic pollution, and part of our calling as Christians to love our neighbours is to care for the environment they live in too.

By praying, speaking up, changing our lifestyles and hosting events in our schools and churches, we can love our global neighbours and put pressure on governments to listen to the voices of people suffering right now. We believe every person, created by God, has value and should have the opportunity to live a full life, free of all this rubbish.

Tearfund Less Plastic More Life Guide

Less Plastic, More Life: A Seven Day Guide

Making changes to the way we do things isn’t always easy or straightforward but there are steps we can take that move us towards a life that is less plastic and more of the abundance God intends.

Tearfund has created this Guide to help you, in a prayerful and practical way, to consume less and connect more. It’s not a quick, easy fix but it’s a place to start. And wherever it is you start, we pray and trust God will meet you there.

Get the guide

Add your voice to thousands of others calling for an end to plastic pollution and its impacts on people living in poverty.

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