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Sustainable gifts blog

5 tips for sustainable gift giving

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Whether it’s a birthday or graduation, housewarming or just to show someone you appreciate them, getting the perfect gift can be a tricky business. Making sure that what we give is also kind to our earth is another thing to consider.

In Romans 12:1 it says 'Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life – and place it before God as an offering'. We are encouraged to worship God in all that we do - including our gift giving!

God has blessed us with a beautiful world to look after and treasure. When we make small changes to live more sustainably, we’re valuing what God has given us and following Jesus in loving our neighbours as ourselves.

So, if that special someone has a heart for sustainability, loves meaningful presents or are just impossible to buy for, here are tips for giving gifts that don't cost the earth!

1. Plants

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly gift, it doesn’t get any greener than a plant! Not only is a humble pot plant proven to improve air quality and give your mood a little boost, but it also serves as a beautiful piece of décor in any office or kitchen. And for our friends who very much missed the green-finger gene, there’s always a low-maintenance cactus or succulent.

Sustainable gifts blog 2
Plants are vibrant, natural and beautiful presents to give.

2. Everyday sustainable

Give your loved one a gift that helps them and the planet at the same time and purchases a fair-trade, eco-edition of something they use every day. They could be a coffee enthusiast without a reusable coffee cup, an anti-plastic shopper in need of some trendy tote bags, or someone who would love keeping their teeth pearly white with a compostable bamboo toothbrush.

3. An experience to remember

Struggling to find something your eco-conscious friend doesn’t already have? Then give them the unique gift of experience! Whether it’s admission to a live performance, outdoor cinema, a voucher to their favourite restaurant, tickets to a workshop or a pampering massage, experiential gifts offer life-long memories without life-long waste! Or give an experiential gift that keeps on giving, and purchase your loved one a membership or subscription to their favourite magazine, art gallery or fitness classes!

Sustainable gifts blog 3
Everyday sustainable: reusable bags, coffee cups or drink bottles make awesome sustainable gifts!

4. Thrift it!

Second-hand clothing and furniture has come back into fashion in a big way. But buying thrifted isn’t just on-trend, it’s ethical too! Hunting through your local op shop or online for pre-loved gems is a great way to give perfectly good objects a second life, and give your loved one a unique gift. While searching for a classic denim jacket in the right size, or a matching set of teacups can take a little more time, it will make the gift even more special.

Asmita copy
The gift of teacher training is a wonderful present for the educator in your life

5. A gift that changes the world

Want to give your loved one a gift that truly gives back to the world in a meaningful way? Easy! Make a contribution to an organisation that is making a huge difference. (Ahem... like Tearfund!)

Give a gift that fights poverty and improves the lives of people across the world Our Useful Gifts catalogue is full of different ways you can contribute to long-term development projects which help people gain the skills and resources they need to experience the fullness of life Jesus spoke about.

From a $10 gift of seeds + tools that can provide food for a family, to a $25 safe water gift to dramatically improve access to water + sanitation in villages; there’s a gift for any budget.

Buy online or call our friendly team! You'll receive a beautiful card and envelope to pass on to your loved one.