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Five photos that sum up 2023 with Tearfund

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In 2023, our world witnessed significant events, ranging from earthquakes in Afghanistan and Nepal to a hunger crisis spreading across multiple countries. The Voice referendum and the global plastics treaty negotiations marked crucial milestones on the national and global stage. These are just a glimpse of the impactful occurrences that defined the year.

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, we are once again reminded of a God who is faithful and the privilege we have to actively participate in the work. Presented here are the top five photographs that capture Tearfund's journey throughout the year. While not an exhaustive representation, these images provide a brief summary of the work that we’re doing.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support, recognising your indispensable role in fulfilling Tearfund's mission throughout this year. Your continued commitment makes a tangible difference, and we are profoundly grateful for your support.

1. Standing alongside communities in polycrisis

RS164614 SOM154 Stefan Kewitz WASH IDP Settlement Visit 17 01 2023 4686 lpr 002

In Somalia, a convergence of crises – severe drought, hunger, disease and violence – have merged to bring the country to the brink of famine. An estimated 8.25 million people in Somalia, including 1.5 million children under five, are facing severe food insecurity following prolonged drought, and conflict is exacerbating these injustices, displacing hundreds of thousands of people. Compounding the complexity of the situation, parts of the country are now experiencing serious flooding, worsening an already dire humanitarian situation.

Our partners are working alongside communities impacted by polycrisis providing clean water, sanitation, and healthcare.

2. Building healthy, resilient communities in Laos

Kia Loc (L) and Por Cher (R)
In rural Laos, farmers Kia Loc (L) and Por Cher (R) are overcoming cycles of poverty that have held the community back for generations. Image: Phakhinda (Mina) Khanthavilay.

In August, we launched Restorers, Tearfund’s community of monthly givers. It’s been so encouraging to welcome many new Restorers since the launch, and see the impact that can happen as we collectively join in with God’s work of restoration.

Monthly giving with Tearfund helps us commit to long-term solutions to poverty with lower operational costs, and directs quick and effective support to our partners as they address both immediate and long term needs. This kind of support is bringing lasting change in places like rural Laos, where farmers Kia Loc (L) and Por Cher (R) are overcoming cycles of poverty that have held the community back for generations. Read more about this real-life story of restoration.

3. Investing into the future with social enterprise

Nepal Social Enterprise Cap Sewing mf 30

This year, we are also proud to sign an impact investment into a social enterprise in Nepal - a professional cut-&-sew manufacturing service that changes lives. The social enterprise provides world-class, ethical manufacturing which empowers marginalised people and survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives.

With this investment they will be able to grow their business and help more people take steps out of poverty. That's the goal of Tearfund's forTomorrow Enterprise program.

4. Pakistan: How communities are rebuilding after floods

Post-flood rebuilding Pakistan_kitchens
Decorating their rebuilt kitchens has been a form of therapy for villagers after the trauma of the floods.

The 2022 floods in Pakistan left millions devastated, destroying homes and communities. A year later, thanks to your support and the long-term partnership we have with our local partner, this community is rebuilding with resilience.

People were making the most of the current dry season to rebuild kitchens and toilet facilities first, bringing immediate improvements to sanitation. The rebuilt kitchens are being constructed on a raised platform in the hope that they will be above the flood level next time.

Decorating their rebuilt kitchens has been a form of therapy for villagers after the trauma of the floods.

5. Taking action to end this rubbish problem

Action Tanya Plibersek

In November, our team proudly delivered 4,665 signatures from those who’ve signed our Rubbish Petition to the office of Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP. A heartfelt THANK YOU to all 4,665 of you who responded to the call to love our neighbours and care for the environment they live in.

Tearfund Women Leaders Portraits 2023 260

Exciting new story in 2024!

In October, a group of women leaders from some of Tearfund’s partner organisations in India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal and the Solomon Islands visited Australia. They were here as part of a women’s leadership initiative Tearfund is implementing with the support of the DFAT’s Australia Awards Fellowships Program. While here, the women shared their thoughts on leading through periods of change, and how their faith in God equips and empowers them for the work they are doing. We can’t wait to share more stories from this inspiring group of women in the new year!