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Meet some amazing Australians who are making a way

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Meet some Australians who are making a way for communities facing poverty.

It’s so inspiring to read of how Tearfund’s partners, and the communities they work with, are together making a way out of poverty in some of the hardest places in the world. Every day, this work is evidence that the cycle of poverty can be broken, and pathways of hope and possibility can be opened up.

Here in Australia, we can be part of making a path out of poverty too. These Australian supporters are doing just that – and you can too. Read on for some inspiration from the wonderful Tearfund community – and let us know what you’re doing to help make a way for communities impacted by poverty!

Lorna Henry is the convenor of the Useful Gifts Shop at Melbourne’s Stonnington Community Uniting Church

Lorna: making a way by running a Useful Gifts shop

It gives our people joy to know that we are making a difference somewhere.”

Lorna Henry is the convenor of the Useful Gifts Shop at Melbourne’s Stonnington Community Uniting Church, which has been running a shop at Christmas time for 20 years.

Tearfund’s Useful Gifts are a way for Australians to support lasting change for communities facing poverty. Every gift – from a goat that empowers a family with a source of nutrition and income, to training for a new teacher to help them unlock potential in their students – connects you with real stories of transformation to celebrate and share. Browse our range of Useful Gifts next time you’re looking for a birthday, anniversary or “thinking of you” gift.

Shop Useful Gifts

Feeling ready to go a step further for communities impacted by poverty? How about running a Useful Gifts shop at your own church, school or community group?

You can run a shop any time of year, and we’ll provide you with all the resources and support you need to get your shop up and running. To find out how you can get involved, just call 1800 244 986 or email [email protected]

To give to an organisation that provides the most vital and fundamental care to those who need it most gives us deep satisfaction.

Kat and Paul Tearfund monthly givers.

Kat and Paul: Tearfund monthly givers

Kat and Paul are among the thousands of Australian Christians who make regular gifts to Tearfund as part of their discipleship journey.

While every donation to Tearfund is so much appreciated, there is something special about regular giving. This faithful support allows Tearfund to forge long-term partnerships with frontline workers and communities in need, and deliver lasting change for the people we serve. Monthly givers stand with our local partners, giving hope in the hardship and strengthening communities in hard places.

Another regular giver, Emily, says: “I give regularly to Tearfund because it's just a tiny way that I can practise the kindness and generosity demonstrated to me through the life, death and resurrection of Christ.”

Bring hope to hard places. Become a Restorer today.

Join Restorers, our monthly giving community, and be part of a network of passionate Christians dedicated to renewal, transformation and the restoration of hope in hard places across the globe.

Give monthly

Rachel: Responding in love for people facing hunger

“Action doesn’t have to be something huge, but allowing yourself to feel and then respond in love is key...”.

Last year, Queensland Tearfund supporter Rachel Hansen was so moved by the plight of people facing extreme hunger that she ran an event called Fashion for Famine, a local clothes swap to raise funds for Tearfund’s work in food security.

She says that in addition to raising funds for Tearfund, she wanted to “draw people’s attention to their abundance”.

Supporters making a way Fashion for Famine
Supporters making a way Rachel

“Living in this part of the world we don’t have much experience of being hungry, but we do experience the opposite reality,” she says. “Our full wardrobes are a good reflection of this. Generating awareness was every bit as important as the fundraising as we were aware that things like famine don’t get as much airtime as they should.”

Read more about Rachel and Fashion for Famine

Rachel is also part of the Hervey Bay Tearfund Action Group, which she says has been a really important part of her journey. “It is so encouraging to be among like-minded people .. it has been really growing and inspiring to be in a group of people of different ages with a huge range of life experiences, wisdom and justice journeys.”

Be part of a community that embodies justice. Join or start a Tearfund Group today.

Tearfund Groups are a great way to connect with people who share your passion for achieving justice and ending poverty.


Howzat! A group of cricket lovers raising funds, and spreading the word

By getting a group of friends and family together for a fundraising event, you can take action in practical ways to help create a more just and compassionate world. It can be fun, too – and a way of building community.

In Adelaide, a group of cricket lovers gather every year to play a match while raising funds for Tearfund’s work. This year’s match, held in February, raised more than $1500.

Supporters making a way Cricket match SA 2023 2
Supporters making a way Cricket match SA 2023 1

“A lot of us are long-time friends and now many of us have young families – the annual cricket match is our yearly catch-up,” says Josh Spier, one of the event organisers.

Each year there are some new faces in the mix, and Josh says the best part of the event is the opportunity to raise awareness of Tearfund among new players. “The match has helped many players to hear about Tearfund and its work for the first time.”

Heather Loomes
For Heather Loomes (right), who with fellow Tearfund supporter Lyn met with MP Angus Taylor to talk about climate change and international aid, prayer and action are tightly woven.

Heather: making a way through prayer

“I felt called to start an online prayer group during COVID as the first stage struck in Australia... We continue to pray for our church, our church community, our families, our local community and for the people in hard places across the world. It is a time of blessing for us as we lift our prayers to God.”

For Heather Loomes, a Tearfund volunteer and Action Group member from New South Wales, prayer and action are tightly woven. Along with other members of the group, Heather is active on a range of issues including climate change and international aid, but prayer is at the core of what they do.

“We use prayerful discernment as we construct our calendar of actions across the year. That way we are led by God to do his work,” she says.

Prayer is at the heart of Tearfund. In prayer, we unite with our brothers and sisters – both locally and globally – to seek the Lord, to rejoice and lament, to participate together in living out God’s kingdom.

Read reflections from Heather and other Tearfund supporters from around Australia on how prayer has been a key part of responding to poverty and injustice.

Climate change is not something that I can ignore anymore. As a Christian I believe God has given us this earth to look after and care for. On top of that we are called to love people, and our brothers and sisters affected by climate change need our help.

Ariane Khalil part of Tearfund’s delegation to the Pacific Australian Emerging Leaders Summit in Canberra in 2022
Ariane Khalil was part of Tearfund’s delegation to the Pacific Australian Emerging Leaders Summit in 2022.

Ariane: using her voice to help make a way on climate justice

Ariane Khalil is one of a group of emerging leaders who were part of Tearfund’s delegation to the Pacific Australian Emerging Leaders Summit in Canberra in 2022. The Summit, a joint initiative of Micah Australia and the Pacific Council of Churches, brought together over 90 young leaders from the Pacific and across Australia to meet with politicians, share the stories of their communities and advocate on issues that impact our region. Climate justice was a major focus of the discussions.

Read more about the Summit

At Tearfund, we’re committed to doing justice together, moving beyond charity and taking action towards a more just and sustainable world. For decades we have championed for more and better aid and called for action to care for God’s creation by tackling climate change and plastic waste.

Your voice will make a difference too!

For resources to help you speak up and take action on issues including the global hunger crisis and the growing problem of plastic pollution, visit:

Emma Halgren is Content Lead at Tearfund Australia.