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What does justice sound like?

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Melody Murton | Tearfund Content Lead

Grab your headphones, settle in for your commute, or prepare to tackle that massive pile of washing – we’ve got your listening material sorted! Hearing from a diverse mix of people on the frontlines of shaping a more just and compassionate world is a wonderful way to deepen your justice journey. Listening to people whose language, culture, faith expression or missional context differs from your own can help us see things anew, offer a fuller understanding of God and enlarge our vision of God’s kingdom.

Video Renew Our World Worship Song Dawn Faith

Make the next podcast you listen to one where voices from the margins are brought to the centre. Here are some great podcasts that feature Christian voices from a diversity of cultures, faith expressions and experiences:

Tearfund upside down world podcast

An Upside-Down World Podcast from Tearfund Australia

Originally released as part of our 2022 Lent series, Tearfund Australia’s first ever podcast brings together a rich mix of voices reflecting on Jesus’ teachings in the Beatitudes. The 8 episodes feature local and global guests, several of whom you won’t hear anywhere else, and are hosted by Grace Naoum and Tearfund Artist Ambassador Joel McKerrow, whose original poetry created another angle to explore the themes.

An Upside-Down World Podcast
TJC Podcast Icon 1400

The Justice Conference Australia Podcast

The Justice Conference events have been an exciting avenue to hear from leading Christian voices on issues of justice – and the podcast extends this avenue, connecting a wider audience with these voices. Listen back on recorded sessions from TJC events over the years, as well as a series recorded in the midst of COVID lockdowns, sharing unique perspectives on living out Christian faith and justice amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

The Justice Conference Australia Podcast
Right Side Up Boundless Podcast Season11

Right Side Up Podcast with Danielle Strickland

Justice advocate and communicator Danielle Strickland hosts this jam-packed podcast channel that seeks to listen to and learn from those who are participating with God in difficult and vulnerable contexts around the world. You’ll need a pen and paper as you listen to this one to keep track of the new names and resources you’ll want to connect with in your justice journey!

Right Side Up Podcast
Madang Podcast

Madang Podcast with Grace Ji-Sun Kim

A madang is an outdoor courtyard in a traditional Korean home, and in this podcast, host Grace Ji-Sun Kim (who has spoken at The Justice Conference and contributed to Tearfund publications) invites listeners into conversations on faith and culture in a virtual outdoor living room. Grab a cuppa and come in, converse and reimagine with a diverse mix of theologians, activists, pastors and authors.

Madang Podcast

Bonus round: Worship!

Revelation 7:9 gives a glimpse of a global anthem of praise, represented by ‘every nation, tribe, people and language’. Participate in a taste of this song by listening (and even joining in!) to worship in languages other than English. The Ethnos Project and Urbana Worship can be found on music streaming services and YouTube, and are great places to start.