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Strong Women Talking

Strong Women Talking aims to break the cycle of violence by educating women and youth and families about forms of abuse and the cycle of violence.

Sono Leone
Sono Leone, CEO and founder of Strong Women Talking – Marigurim Mubi Yangu.

By the grace of God, Sono was able to break the cycle of domestic violence in her own life, and her children’s lives. Today, she is the founder and Director of Strong Women Talking – Marigurim Mubi Yangu, a ministry that God has placed on her heart, that delivers culturally sensitive domestic violence prevention workshops to First Nations women. Strong Women Talking has a vision to break the cycle of violence once and for all.

In this video Sono Leone CEO and founder of Strong Women Talking in Brisbane introduces their work, and explains how Psalm 139:13-16 gives her keys to working with women in her community and how Strong Women Talking is breaking the cycle of violence caused by intergenerational trauma*.

Please join us in praying with Sono for the work of Strong Women Talking:

Father God, Great Creator Spirit. In my language Biral we thank you that you have created us all equal. We thank you for the work of Strong Women Talking.

Father I pray that you would bring revelation to the hearts of Australians of just how much organisations like Strong Woman Talking are needed in our communities. Bring a deep revelation of what integer-generational trauma is and how it impacts our women, children and communities today, especially around domestic and family violence.

I pray Father that you would give the church in this country a heart for our people and eyes to really see the injustices around abuse that is happening to us.

Thank you for the partners that have come alongside and sown into Strong Women Talking. I pray for the donors and the people that have contributed to support the work that we need to do in my community to bring about change and to bring about a restored community.

I pray this in the name of Jesus,


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*to learn more about intergenerational trauma visit