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Policies and Guidelines

Key Tearfund policies which may be of interest to volunteers, supporters and members of the public.

  • Code of Conduct – Describes our shared understanding and commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct for all Tearfund people, in keeping with Tearfund mission and values which seek to embody biblical values.
  • Complaints Policy – Outlines how complaints are handled at Tearfund so that we can learn as an organisation, do our work better, and improve relationships.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy – Guidelines for what could be a conflict of interest for staff, volunteers, and consultants and how they should be handled.
  • Environment Policy – Outlines Tearfund Australia’s commitment to promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability.
  • Gender Policy – Outlines Tearfund's commitment to gender justice.
  • International Development and Humanitarian Relief Policy – This policy guides the types of work that Tearfund will fund or support, and where our resources are allocated.
  • Privacy Policy – Describes how Tearfund will meet our obligations to manage personal information in a safe and secure manner.
  • Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) Policy – The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all people who participate in and benefit from Tearfund’s programs and activities are protected from these kinds of abuse, and to assist in identifying and dealing fully with any suspicion or allegation of sexual exploitation, harassment or abuse.
  • PSEAH Guidelines - Outlines Tearfund's approach to prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in all of Tearfund's activities, the processes around responding to allegations and reports, and the responsibilities of different roles and groups within the organisation.
  • Safeguarding Children Guidelines – Outlines Tearfund's approach to safeguarding children in all of Tearfund's activities.
  • Safeguarding Children Policy – Outlines Tearfund's commitment to safeguard children in all of Tearfund's activities.
  • Volunteer Policy – Defines the mutual responsibilities of Tearfund and Tearfund volunteers to ensure our work together is enjoyable and productive.
  • Whistleblower Policy – Establishes a framework to provide all staff, volunteers, contractors, partners and members of the public an accessible and safe process to report concerns about a wrongful act or misconduct by someone involved with Tearfund.
  • Whistleblower Guidelines – Provide a framework for how Tearfund will handle whistleblowing occurrences.
  • Work Health and Safety Policy – Describes our commitment to providing a safe workplace, systems and training for all who work with us.