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Afghanistan Appeal - Frequently Asked Questions

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The situation in Afghanistan is complex and rapidly changing. To help address some of your frequently asked questions regarding Tearfund's response we have listed these FAQ's. Please contact Tearfund for further information.

What sort of work will donations help to fund?

Due to the unfolding and uncertain political crisis in Afghanistan, all of the work of our partners is currently on hold. Tearfund is working closely with our partners as they determine how best to respond to the humanitarian needs in the communities they serve, and also what work they will be able to do given the changed political situation in Afghanistan.

We will provide more information soon on the nature of the work we will be supporting, but we expect it will include emergency humanitarian assistance and ongoing development work with our local partners. Humanitarian assistance could include providing food and basic health care, as it was doing prior to the change in government in Afghanistan. Where that is not possible, the funds will go to other similar projects in crisis-affected countries (“hard places” like South Sudan and Somalia).

Tearfund has been working with local partners in Afghanistan for more than four decades. Their work has included maternal and mental health care, education for both children and adults, projects to improve hygiene and sanitation, and support to help local people enjoy greater food security and earn an income. Recently they have also been working with the growing number of internally displaced people.

Why should I donate to Tearfund’s Afghanistan appeal if my donation won’t be able to help anyone yet?

Although the work of Tearfund’s partners is on hold at the moment, these organisations are actively putting plans in place to respond to the many needs Afghans are facing.

The recent and escalating conflict, along with chronic drought, food insecurity and poverty, have forced hundreds of thousands of Afghans from their homes and communities, and increased levels of vulnerability for people across the country. The humanitarian needs in the country are immense, but there are also opportunities to contribute to a stable future for Afghans. By donating to Tearfund’s Afghanistan Appeal, you will be helping our local partners to be ready to start work as soon as they are able to, and to maintain their work into the future.

Our partners in Afghanistan have longstanding and strong connections with the communities they serve, and are well placed to respond to the particular needs of people in those communities.

The Afghanistan Appeal has been a way for us to invite supporters to respond to the situation by standing with our local partners, even as they currently are not in a position to respond. This too, we believe, will soon change and we will have more to say about that when possible.

Are Tearfund’s partners safe?

Tearfund staff have been working with our local partners to ensure the safety and security of the local staff. Some of our partners have successfully been able to evacuate at-risk staff. Our partners have well developed security plans in place to ensure the safety of staff.

What are the names of the partners Tearfund works with in Afghanistan?

At this time we are unable to share the names of our partner organisations. We are taking this approach in order to protect staff at these organisations, and so that we don’t in any way hamper their preparations to resume work once they are able to.

For security reasons, we have removed much of our communication about Afghanistan from our website, including the names of the organisations we partner with.

Has Tearfund helped people to evacuate Afghanistan?

Tearfund staff have assisted those staff whom our partner organisations have recommended, and who have applied for humanitarian visas to enter Australia. While the evacuation operation in Afghanistan has ended, some of these applications are still in process.

Why is the information on Tearfund’s website limited?

Due to the unfolding security situation we have recently removed much of our public communication about Afghanistan, including stories, articles and project updates, so as not to further endanger our local partners now and into the future. This is a rapidly changing situation, and we will have more information to share with supporters when possible. At the moment, however, we need to use an abundance of caution to avoid connecting partners and partner staff with foreign agencies such as Tearfund.

Afghanistan Appeal 2021
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