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Afghanistan Appeal - Frequently Asked Questions

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Please note: This information is more than 30 days old. View current news and events.

The situation in Afghanistan is complex and rapidly changing. To help address some of your frequently asked questions regarding Tearfund's response we have listed these FAQ's. Please contact Tearfund for further information.

What sort of work will donations help to fund?

We are currently supporting our partners in Afghanistan to provide emergency humanitarian assistance which includes access to food, hygiene supplies and blankets for Internally Displaced People.

Across Afghanistan, since the beginning of 2021, some 668,000 people fled their homes, bringing the number of internally displaced people to at least 4.2 million. Conflict, drought, COVID-19 related import restrictions and widespread unemployment have worsened food insecurity. Close to 23 million people (55% of the population) are critically food insecure.

Tearfund has been working with local partners in Afghanistan for more than four decades. Their development work has included maternal and mental health care, education for both children and adults, projects to improve hygiene and sanitation, and support to help local people enjoy greater food security and earn an income.

As well as the emergency food relief work, our partners are also resuming their development work, though making sure that staff and community members are safe in the process. This has meant much consideration of risk management in all planning.

Our partners in Afghanistan have longstanding and strong connections with the communities they serve, and are well placed to respond to the particular needs of people in those communities. The Afghanistan Appeal has been a way for us to invite supporters to respond to the situation by standing with our local partners.

How do I know my donation will reach Tearfund's partners?

Tearfund has long standing relationships with partners in Afghanistan, and we regularly work together with partners to ensure the financial systems they have in place are of a high standard. Our Afghan partners have long standing relationships in the communities where they work. They are recognised as experienced faith based humanitarian agencies and have been encouraged by the new authorities to resume their work. Partner staff are also careful in conducting needs assessments to help ensure that humanitarian assistance is prioritised for families with the greatest needs. Tearfund’s provision of funding to partners in Afghanistan is in alignment with the Australian Government’s guidance

Are Tearfund’s partners safe?

Tearfund staff have been working with our local partners to ensure the safety and security of the local staff. Some of our partners have successfully been able to evacuate at-risk staff. Our partners have well developed security plans in place to ensure the safety of staff.

What are the names of the partners Tearfund works with in Afghanistan?

At this time we are unable to share the names of our partner organisations. We are taking this approach in order to protect staff at these organisations, and so that we don’t in any way hamper their preparations to resume work once they are able to.

For security reasons, we have removed much of our communication about Afghanistan from our website, including the names of the organisations we partner with.

Has Tearfund helped people to evacuate Afghanistan?

Tearfund staff have assisted those staff whom our partner organisations have recommended, and who have applied for humanitarian visas to enter Australia. The process for visa applications has been slow and many of these applications are still in process.

Why is the information on Tearfund’s website limited?

Due to the unfolding security situation we have recently removed much of our public communication about Afghanistan, including stories, articles and project updates, so as not to further endanger our local partners now and into the future. This is a rapidly changing situation, and we will have more information to share with supporters when possible. At the moment, however, we need to use an abundance of caution to avoid connecting partners and partner staff with foreign agencies such as Tearfund.