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How to pray for afghanistan

How to pray for Afghanistan

1 Thessalonians 5:17 calls us to “Pray without ceasing …” - here are some ways you can join us in prayer for the situation in Afghanistan.

The unfolding conflict in Afghanistan is forcing thousands from their homes and raises immediate and ongoing fears for vulnerable communities across the country. At least 244,000 Afghans have been displaced since May, and the United Nations has said 80 per cent of those forcibly displaced are women and children.

For over four decades, Tearfund has stood alongside our local partners in Afghanistan in working towards a more just and compassionate world. Tearfund’s commitment to Afghanistan and our partners remains steadfast.

In recent weeks, our partners have shared with us about the concerns and anxieties of the people they serve as they witnessed the rapidly changing political situation. One of our local partners said: “There is a lot of anxiety and feelings of hopelessness among community members.” Another shared: “Many people are seeking options for leaving Afghanistan (particularly single women) but there are extremely few options available.”

We hope the prayer points below may assist you as you pray about the situation in Afghanistan at this time.

  • At this time of conflict, uncertainty and fear, please pray for the people of this country – for their physical safety, and for their emotional wellbeing.
  • Please pray for wisdom and patience for our partners as they discern the best way to respond to the needs of the people they serve.
  • Pray for women and girls, that they will continue to have opportunities for education and empowerment.
  • Pray for the many Afghans fleeing their country to find safety. Pray for protection on their journey, and generosity from foreign governments towards these vulnerable people.
  • While the conflict and political instability of recent weeks has been the focus of the world’s media, COVID-19 cases are also on the rise in Afghanistan. Pray for those who are sick, and for the medical staff caring for them.

“A humanitarian crisis of incredible proportions is unfolding before our eyes,” Mary Ellen McGroarty, the head of the UN’s World Food Programme in Afghanistan, has warned. Please pray for this unfolding situation and that organisations including Tearfund’s partners would be able to urgently respond.

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