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The end of poverty begins with today

Over the past few decades, we've come closer than ever to ending extreme poverty. But now, our world faces a pivotal moment. Without urgent action, the impacts of two compounding crises threaten to undo our hard-won progress and send millions of people back into poverty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been described as the worst setback in our progress to end poverty in a generation.

In 2020, global poverty increased for the first time in decades and the pandemic could push as many as 163 million more people into poverty during 2021.

Even before COVID-19, our progress to end poverty was slowing – and the growing impact of climate change is a major factor. Recent reports estimate that climate change could push an additional 136 million people into poverty by 2030.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We know not everything is as it should be. We live in a world of broken relationships - with God, with each other and with creation. These broken relationships are the root cause of poverty.

Yet, in a synagogue in Nazareth, Jesus proclaimed that through him, “today” was God’s new day – fulfilling God’s promise to restore all that is broken (Luke 4:16-21).

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The end of poverty is possible. And history shows us that, when we act together, we can make a difference – but we must act today.

2021 is Tearfund’s fiftieth year - our Jubilee year. But before Jubilee became a golden anniversary, Jubilee was a God-ordained vision of reset, release and restoration - for the whole creation.

This vision of justice and freedom for the poor and care for God’s creation has always been at the heart of Tearfund’s mission and purpose. At this pivotal moment, when our world faces challenges like never before, we are asking, how does the “new and old” story of God’s Jubilee shape our response?

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary courage. And for people of faith to step out with a vision of things not just as they are but what they can be. As the whole world talks about a new normal, we believe that the church can shine as a light for a better, more just and compassionate normal.

This year we want to see:

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50,000 Christians praying for a just and compassionate world.


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10,000 Christians taking action to end poverty and tackle climate change.

Take action

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1.75 million people impacted through the transformational work of our partners.

Give generously

Now is the time to pray. Now is the time to take action. Now is the time to give generously so that all people and all creation can flourish.

Through Jesus, led by the Spirit, each one of us is released to play our part in God’s promise to heal and restore what is broken.

Now is the time to reset. What part will you play?

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