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A Labour Of Love 1

He is My Life's Portion

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Lent: The Journey Towards Easter

Week 3

Prayer: Anna McGahan. Artist: Jessica Le Clerc.

Poster Lent 19 Wk3 V2


Jesus is an embodiment of paradoxes, to me.

God and man. Suffering and healing. Grace and justice. Now, and not yet.

I wasn’t aware how deeply we were called to live out paradoxes, until I became a mother.

Until I felt two feelings at once: The love and the fear. The exhaustion, and the adrenaline. The contentment, and the emptiness. Constantly accompanied, but so lonely.

The Jesus written about in Psalm 23 comes to me like a glass of water, when I’m breastfeeding in the back of a crowded room, and the hormones make me feel like I haven’t drunk in days. A silent offering from an understanding woman, who has been there before. He sees me.He provides my soul’s hydration. He provides my truest rest, whenI have not slept. He is my body’s reserve, my heart’s shield, and my life’s portion.

In Christ, the mother is not invisible, depleted, or alone.

She is held, and she is led.


Lord, this Lent, we think of the times we – or those around us – have given their bodies as food, as comfort and as safety, to care for the lives of others. Thank you for modelling this, when you gave your body for us in your crucifixion. Please teach us how to love in sacrifice. Please teach us how to depend on you for all things. Please help us believe what your word says about you. Let us live in the goodness and love you promise, and acknowledge that, even in the valleys of exhaustion, illness or conflict, we have never left the safety of your house – and we never will.

Remember our partners in prayer this week:

Pray for communities facing the harsh impact of drought: for the relief of rain, resilience of crops, peace and wisdom in instability.

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Anna Mcgahan

Anna McGahan

Anna McGahan is a writer and actor based in Melbourne. She was a speaker at the Justice Conference Australia in Melbourne, which is hosted by TEAR and friends. Anna is passionate about spiritual revival and restoration within the performing arts industries. She also blogs at

Jess Leclerc

Jessica Le Clerc

Jessica Le Clerc is an emerging artist from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Mother of 4 children, she started painting full time in 2016. Jessica began learning art from Peter Mortimer in Dubbo, NSW at the age of 16. At 17 she began art classes for children, which grew into an art school for all ages in Sydney, Melbourne and on now on Sunshine Coast. Jessica has been running private art classes since 1998 and has held annual exhibitions for her students with thousands of attendees. Her artwork can be found at:

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Group Study Guide

An Easter resource for small groups and families. With a background on Psalm 23 as well as questions and discussion starters.


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