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God Walks With Us

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Lent: The Journey Towards Easter

Week 5

Prayer: Greg Hewson. Artist: Ben Liney


I find bushwalking very restorative, I love getting away from it all, immersed in the beauty of the wilderness, reduced to putting one foot after another. Actually, I love walking in general, on the beach, down the road, with the family and the dog, but especially walking in the bush.

To me this psalm speaks about God walking with us. Meeting us on the journey, walking with us beside still waters and journeying with us in dark and hard places. It’s not about God meeting us in the protection of the temple, of the secure, safe place. This is a psalm to be absorbed in our activity, in our everyday, in the material and the earthly and in the middle of all that, calling us to something beyond. To places where we experience goodness, beauty and mercy.

Because what I find is that, in the midst of the walking, God breaks in, new life is born. Through a word, a bird, an image, a friend or a stranger, God’s shepherding calls me back, to stop, to rest, to be still and to know. Perhaps that is why this psalm is so familiar, so everyday, because it speaks to us in our daily walk.

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Christ who walks beside me, Christ who walks before me, Christ who is within me. Restore my soul. Restore this earth. Restore our world.


Remember our partners in prayer this week:

Thank God for the creative capacity he has given all people, including those living in poverty. Pray that our partners can help to draw out the beauty and creativity in everyone they work with.

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We invite you to prayerfully consider joining this work of restoration and hope by supporting Tearfund’s partners to overcome poverty and injustice.

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Greg Hewson

Greg Hewson

Greg Hewson is Tearfund's Australian Program Manager. Greg and his family live on a smallholding in South West Victoria where they try to grow lots of food.

Ben Liney

Ben Liney

Ben Liney is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

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An Easter resource for small groups and families. With a background on Psalm 23 as well as questions and discussion starters.


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