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Remote Project Evaluations - Remote Learning Forum

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In 2020, with COVID restrictions in place in most countries around the world preventing the gathering of large groups, and both international and domestic travel, donors and partners needed to consider new ways of evaluating their work.

Evaluations still matter, and in some cases need to be done to enable the development and design of new project cycles, or for some donors, to fulfil requirements in order to access future funding.

Watch the forum below.

Tearfund Australia has been involved in three remote evaluations in 2020.

  • Jenny Beechey (Tearfund Staff) in Melbourne, Australia participated in an evaluation of the work of the Diocese of Niaasa, Mozambique
  • Phillippa Keys, based in the Philippines, led an evaluation of Tearfund’s partner Oasis Mozambique
  • Joshua Meares, from the USA, led an evaluation of Yasera, West Papua

Each of the three panellists discuss their experiences of doing evaluations differently and specifically look at:

  • Overview of the methodology used for the evaluation
  • What worked well, and perhaps what didn’t work so well?
  • Things you learned
  • Things you would do differently next time

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